Monday, January 10, 2011

What a Waste!

I was reading through one of my favorite blogs yesterday, Kitchen Stewardship, and came upon these statistics. The statistics are from 2008, but the total of discarded food was predicted to be 150 billion pounds by 2009! Where is that total today, in 2011??

Tupperware has great solutions (Clear Mates, FridgeSmarts, Modular Mates, etc.) to help with this tragedy. We also have the means, parties, events, social media, cooking schools, to spread the word and educate consumers! What's my/your Tupperware mission? If I/you haven't figured that out yet, this one could be world-changing!

Imagine that... You, changing the world, one pantry or refrigerator at a time!



doodles said...

I'm trying Chris I really am. I have made great strides while being in our RV. I find it disturbing that many of our RV parks do not promote recycling. That is something I'm working on. But I find out that it costs the RV park owners $$$ so guess what gets pushed to the side. I could rant about this a lot.................sorry!!

ps...............wish I had more room in my RV for your Tupperware.

Chris said...

I know that I'm "preacing to the choir" when it comes to you! :o) I've actually learned a great deal on this subject from your blog.

I am committed in 2011 to remind everyone on a regular basis that we MUST do a better job as stewards of our environment and resources.

I am so glad to have you as a partner in the effort. You rock!