Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

As we leave 2010 behind and embark on the adventure of 2011, I want to wish all of you, my readers and followers, a New Year chock full of Blessings, Family & Fun! 

I hope you'll return often to learn more about Tupperware's H.O.M.E. message.  Each week of 2011, I'll be featuring one of the H.O.M.E. elements.  I'll be posting more recipes & cooking tips, organiztion ideas, information about how to support our environment. There are sure to be a few giveaways too!

  • H=Healthy Cooking and Eating
  • O=Organization
  • M=Money; Saving It & Making It
  • E= Environment and Sustainability

Just in time for all that healthier cooking and eating that we're resolved to do this year ;o), Tupperware's BEST NEW KITCHEN TOOL, the Chop ‘N Prep™ Chef, is on sale!!  Until January 14th you can purchase this wonderful time & space-saver for just $29.00.  That's a 30% savings!

 Chop ‘N Prep™ Chef

You’ll be turbo-chopping (288 times in 15 seconds) fresh herbs, vegetables, fruit, baby food and more with this compact & earth-friendly product. It features an easy-pull cord mechanism that requires no electricity. Plus, it is small enough to store in a cupboard, drawer, camper or boat. It includes an airtight seal and an insert with recipes. This item has a 1-¼ cup/300 ml capacity.

Here's a short video featuring the Chop ‘N Prep™.

Be sure to come back each Saturday for Recipe Round-Up!

Here's to a Wonderful New Year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wishing You the Happiest of Holidays!

Dear Readers,

Hope all your celebrations are merry,

And your Christmas dinner is cheer-y,

May all the gifts you receive remind you,

Of the Reason for the season!

Hugs & Blesses, Chris

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tupper-Turkey Tuesday!

Today, I'm posting about several "Must-Have" Tupperware kitchen tools for your Holiday Cooking and Entertaining.  You gotta' have 'em! 

Place your phone order with me TODAY (11/23/10), and I'll pay your sales tax!  Wait, there's more!  At the end of the day, I will draw from all orders placed today, and the winner will recieve free shipping too

Email your phone# to me and I'll call you to complete your order.  Just click on "Email Me" in the sidebar.

Okay, here we go!

The Tupperware Chop 'N Prep Chef. 
If you only add one new tool to your kitchen, make it this one.  Chopping has never been so fun!  It even comes with a recipe booklet.  Tuna salad without mayo?  You bet, and it's delish!

Click HERE to see details. 

The Tupperware Whip 'N Prep Chef.
Want REAL, homemade whipped cream in about 60 seconds?  This is your tool.  No kidding!  Or maybe chocolate-raspberry mousse sounds tempting?  There's a recipe book included with this one too.

Click HERE to see details. 

Tupperware Corkscrew and Wine Accessoeries Set
My husband put away his expensive "rabbit-ear" cork extractor in favor of this corkscrew!  The foil cutter is really sharp and although we never have left over wine :o), I know those who do, love being able to "vacuum seal" their open bottles with the reuseable cork & pump.

Click HERE to see details.

Tupperware Chef Series Santoku Knives
These are my new favorite knives!  They are well balanced, very sharp and make slicing a cinch.  They are at an incredible price point for professional quality knives!

Click HERE to see details.

Don't forget, these offers are available by phone order only!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fun, Giftable Ideas

Here are a couple of cute ideas for gift-giving this Halloween & on into the Christmas season.  I have them decorated for Fall/Halloween, but you could certainly wrap them up in green and red for Christmas or blue for Hanukkah. Think teacher gifts, office exchanges, Secret Pal, drop in Holiday guests. 

The tall containers are Tupperware's Spaghetti Dispensers.  These are one of my favorite TW products!

The special insert allows for easy spaghetti pouring and measuring. Great for breadsticks too! Contents stay fresh and quantities visible. Clear container with choice of seal color, Passion (red) or Brilliant Blue.  The cost is $11.00.  Capacity/Size: 4 ¾-cups (1.1 L); 11 ¼"H x 3 ½"Dia. (28.5 x 9 cm)

They are made to look like sand art.  The container on the right is filled with Sand Art Brownie Mix, and the one on the left is Best Bean Soup.  The directions and an accompanying poem are on the cards attached.  You'll also notice that the soup container has one of our Tupperware Midget containers with the soup seasoning attached.

Cute, even if I do say so myself! (o:

The Pumpkin Poop is just candy corn, purchased in individual bags, stapled to a poem card.  I used a baggie here, but I would definitely use a couple of the little pre-packaged bags to avoid any worries for parents of your little ghosts & goblins!

Like these ideas? Here's your chance to have the "recipes" and poems for yourself.  Become a Follower of Today's Organized Kitchen blog, leave a comment that you have done so, and I'll send them out to you as my gift.  Please note: These will come in the form of an attached Word document.  This will allow you to design your own cards.  If you are already a follower, just leave me a comment and I'll get them out to you, too!

Enjoy!  Chris

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Home-Made Cream Cheese

I decided to try my hand at making my own cream cheese since I needed the whey that is a by-product of the process to make sauerkraut.  I have to say that both the cream cheese AND the sauerkraut were delicious!

It's really so easy.  Well, except for the first step!  Which is, finding anything but low fat buttermilk!  (Fortunately, I have since found a couple of places that carry whole buttermilk and also raw milk. Yay!) 

I was determined to make the cream cheese, so I used the low fat buttermilk anyway.  The result was very tasty, even if not as good as it will be in the future, when I use the whole buttermilk.

Step 1: 
I placed a colander over a glass bowl to collect the whey.  I placed several layers of cheesecloth in the colander and poured the quart of butter milk into the cheesecloth.  I covered it with another layer of cheesecloth to keep out any critters that might happen by.  I let this sit overnight on the counter.

Step 2:
First thing next morning, I tied the "cheese" loosely in the cheescloth and hung it on a wooden spoon over the colander.  This was to allow every last bit of whey to drip out.  This sat all day on the counter.

Step 3:
In the evening, I untied the bundle of cheesecloth and scraped the cream cheese into a dish.  This was the second hardest part of the process.  It really wanted to stick to the cheesecloth, and I wanted every last bit of it!

Step 4:
Collect all that wonderful whey and place in a glass mason jar in the refrigerator.  It will keep for a month or so.  I've already used most of it for sauerkraut!

Finished Cream Cheese
Below, is the finished cream cheese.  We have had it plain and mixed with fresh thyme and dill from the herb garden.  Delish! 

I really think you should give this a try!  It was easy, fun and I think kids would enjoy the process.  The real benefit is that you get something yummy with no undesireable ingredients! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

And the WINNER is...

We have a winner for our giveaway!  I had my husband draw a name and he chose:


Congratulations!  I've sent you a message letting you know that you've won!  Let me know your choice of product and your shipping info and I'll have your prize on it's way!

Thanks to everyone who became a follower!

I am just back from Tupperware Jubilee.  FUN! FUN! FUN!  This video was used to launch a new product line.

Enjoy!  Chris

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's Time for a Giveaway!

In just a few days, I am off to Orlando to attend the Tupperware "Party to the Future" Jubilee.  It is being held on the Walt Disney World property, so it'll be a great time!

I'm so excited, I decided it is time for a Tupperware Giveaway! 

These products are just right for storing and keeping all that great summer produce!  You'll have your choice of either the FridgeSmart™ 4-Pc. Set or the Freezer Mates® Complete Set.  You may click on the photo of the product to see the details.

All you have to do to enter is become a follower of  Today's Organized Kitchen Blog!  Just click "Follow" on the side bar, and follow the instructions. Those of you who are already followers are automatically entered! ( Tupper Buddies are ineligible...sorry!) The giveaway period starts today, Wednesday, 8/4/10 and ends on Sunday, 8/15/10. I will chose a winner by random drawing on the 16th, and announce it here on the blog.

Special incentive!  Start your own online party at my shopping website during the giveaway period, and you'll get two additional entries!

FridgeSmart™ 4-Pc. Set

Click HERE for FridgeSmart™ info. 

Freezer Mates® Complete Set

Click HERE for Freezer Mates® info.

Good Luck!  Chris

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am a BIG FAN of zucchini!  I like it any way it's prepared.  I happened across a recipe for Zucchini & Red Onion Salad on-line and I'm making it tonight! 

Thought it would be a good idea to share.  Some of you may have lots of zucchini.  Mine isn't doing well this year - weird weather I guess.  Thank goodness for the Farmer's Market!

The recipe is from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Newsletter and you can access it HERE.  There are 50+ summer squash & zucchini recipes at that link!

Enjoy!  Chris

Shop Local - Eat Local

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An iPad for FREE?

Here's a great opportunity to get your Technology fix for free!  Join my team, and you can earn this Apple iPad by September 24th!  One average party ($450) per week, catalog parties, online parties & fundraisers all count toward your award total!

You can join with either the Executive Business Kit or the Business Kit.  Or, for a limited time, host your own party and take your host credit to purchase the Salsa Party Kit, and you're on your way!

No worries if you don't live near me, our great RazzMaTazz Sales Organization provides training & support via conference calls, webinars and videos.  We can get you off to a great start, anywhere in the U.S.!

If you are interested in learning more, no obligation of course, please use the email me link in the sidebar to give me your contact info, and I'll call you right back!

Cheers!  Chris

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fundraising Made Easy!

Is your child participating in a sports/cheerleading team, planning a school trip or camp?  Do you have a favorite charity or cause you'd like to help by providing additional funds?  Here is the EASIEST fundraiser you'll ever participate in!

A TupperConnect™ Online Fundraiser!

This is how easy it is:  Just email the shopping link we provide to your friends, family & neighbors, anywhere in the continental US.  When they purchase any product from Tupperware's Fundraising line, 40% of that purchase will be returned to the organization
There is NO:
  • door-to-door selling
  • no handling money
  • no inventory to purchase, pack or distribute - product is shipped directly to the purchaser.
  • Tupperware's eco-friendly, money-saving products
  • Tupperware's Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • a check from Tupperware to you/your organization within 2 weeks of the close of the fundraiser
I will set up your fundraiser and send you a customized email invite (with the shopping link embedded) that you can forward to your contact list.  Can't get much easier than that!

If you'd like to start your own TupperConnect™ fundraiser or just learn more about this easy and profitable system, please click on "Email Me" in the sidebar and send me your contact information.  I'll get right back to you !

Here's to EASY & POFITABLE fundraising!

Monday, May 3, 2010

How Green Are You?

This is the "kit" I used for my Earth Day Driveway Dashes.  I put it in the trunk of my car, drove to a couple of  friend's driveways, and held quick, 30 minute demos on Tupperware's sustainable GREEN products for my girlfriends and their neighbors. 

It was a ton of fun, and gave me the opportunity to do something worthwhile for Earth Day and for my business!

First, I want to share Tupperware's drinking water & hot beverage solutions. 

Did you know that 85% of the PET water bottles purchased NEVER GET RECYCLED! It takes them 1000 years to biodegrade.  Please don't use them!  Tupperware has reusable sports bottles, sipper cups for kids, and insulated tumblers with straw seals.  Drink your own tap water and save money.  Did you know that most of the water in those purchased bottles came from municipal water supplies? 

Then, there is the Styrofoam coffee cup...Styrofoam NEVER DEGRADES!  This stuff remains in our our landfills forever!  The paper cups are a better choice, but even better is a reusable hot beverage mug.

Next, are our microfiber products. 

Super absorbent and durable these are the workhorse of your cleaning arsenal.  No more paper towels needed for clean-ups, washing windows, or dusting.  These towels also dry dishes in a flash! 

The towels on the left side of the container our our Microfiber Chef's Towels.  These are exactly what you need in the kitchen!  They have an ultra-tight weave & larger size.  (These are my favorite.)

The towels on the right are our Microfiber Kitchen Towels. I have stacks of these, and use them for just bout everything.  Not pictured, are the Microfiber Window & Mirror Cleaning Towels.  These you use dry with you favorite cleaning product, for a streak and lint free shine!  Keep reading.  I have a recipe for home-made window & mirror cleaner.

The two sponges in the front of the container combine the convenience of the sponge with a microfiber cover.  The orange sponge has a waffle weave which is great for scrubbing,  The yellow sponge has a very soft weave for gentler cleaning, like on cars or wipe-up on furniture.  You can see the rest of our microfiber in the Spring-Summer 2010 Catalog.

Last, but certainly not least, we have our FridgeSmart® Containers. 

These will save you so much money!  No more tossing fresh fruit or vegetables because they spoiled before you could use them!  I wrote about these previously, and you can read about them HERE.

To purchase any of these products on line, click on the Spring-Summer 2010 Catalog photo in the sidebar.

Home-made Window Cleaner:
In a spray bottle marked "Window/Mirror Cleaner" mix:
8 oz. Tap Water
8 oz. White Vinegar
8 oz. Rubbing Alcohol
This stuff works great! green are you?


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Something Vintage...Something New!

Be sure to click on the Mid-April to Mid-May Flyer to see all the great deals in the new flyer!

We've brought back the Kid's Cake Taker Set (Yay!) and our much beloved Shape-O® Toy appears in a Limited Edition color scheme!

To make your meal planning & prep easier, there's the TupperWave® Stack Cooker & new accessories - we're cookin' now!

Classic, 18-pc. Product Collection
No matter the vintage, Tupperware has always led the way in providing smart-looking solutions that make everyday life easier and more enjoyable. This unique set offers popular products from the past and present at 50% savings.

This 18-pc. set includes:
~Tumbler Bouquet• Stackable containers in three sizes are perfect for casual dining.• Includes four each of 16-oz./475 mL, 12-oz./355 mL and 9-oz./265 mL tumblers.• Virtually liquid-tight seals offer on-the-go convenience.• Grape Fizz, Lupine and Cool Aqua with Snow White seals.

~Classic Sheer® 1 Gal./3.8 L Pitcher• Convenient, push-button seal lets you shake contents without spilling.• Also strains as you pour.• Grape Fizz with Snow White seal.

~Stuffables® Square 1• Expandable seal fits odd-shaped or bulky foods.• 5-cup/1.2 L container.• Lupine.

~Stuffables® Square 2• Award-winning product features unique, expandable seal.• 8½-cup/2 L container.• Lupine.

~Stuffables® Mini Set• Includes 1-cup/250 mL, 2-cup/500 mL and 3-cup/750 mL containers.• All in Cool Aqua.
All of this great Tupperware for only $63.00 ($126 value)
Just click on the Flyer photo or "Shop Now" in the sidebar to purchase.
Happy Spring! Chris

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cute Lunch Set!

A Perfect Gift for the Girl On The Go!
It's a great Mother's Day gift too!

A beautiful lunch bag and bright colors make for on-the-go
fun in this exclusive lunch set. The entire set comes packed in
a decorative, reusable Gift Box. Just think of the great Mother’
s Day present it would make! All you need to do is add a card
and deliver!

Here’s what’s included with the decorative Gift Box (9 x 9 x
7¾”/22.9 x 22.9 x 19.7 cm):

Fashion Lunch Bag
CrystalWave® Soup Mug
CrystalWave® 4¼-Cup/1 L Container
16-oz./470 mL Tumbler

Price $35.00

Shop for the Lunch Set in our Mid-March Flyer, HERE

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's a Tupperware "Going Away" Party!

Big Savings on Discontinued Items!
There is a brand-spankin' new Spring & Summer 2010 Tupperware Catalog, just around the corner!  What that means is, that some of your favorite Tupperware products may be "going away"!

Some will appear in the new catalog in a new configuration or color, but many won't be available when the new catalog launches! 

To encourage you to shop now, before the inventories become depleted, I have a deal for you!  Place an order** for any of the items below, by 9 pm Pacific Time on Friday, 3/12/2010 and I'll take 15% off your order total(You must order via phone with me to receive the discount.)

**To order, email me HERE and provide me with your phone#.  I will call you to complete the transaction.  (Credit Card required.)

I have posted the list below.  It contains the Product and the Fall/Winter 2009-2010 Catalog page# where the item appears.  View Catalog Here.

Discontinued Product (catalog page#)
Holiday Stacking Canister Set (4)
Holiday Snack Canister (4) Fall/Winter Fruit of the Season Tumblers (36)
Holiday Microfiber Kitchen Towel Set (16) Pies to Go Set (10)
Simply Perfect™ Pastry Sheet (13)
Chef Series™ Pro 9-Pc. Steak Knife Set (18)
Tupperware® Impressions 32-Cup/7.6 L Bowl (34)
Cupcake Keepers Set (11)
Prep Essentials® Cold Cut Keeper (13)
Tupperware® Impressions 16-oz./500 mL Tumblers (33)
Serving Center® Set (32)
Sipper Seal® Domed Set (44)
Bell Tumbler Set (44)
Freezer Mates® Complete Set (27)
Freezer Mates® Herb Saver Set (27)
FridgeSmart® Large (23)
FridgeSmart® 3-Pc. Set (23)
Corkscrew (21)
Tea Combo Set with Madagascar Spice Green Tea (28)
Tea Combo Set with Darjeeling Black Tea (28)
Tea Combo Set with Lemongrass Green Tea (28)
Vent ’N Serve™ 9-Pc. Large Set (7)
Micro Pitcher Set (8)
FridgeSmart® Small (23)
CrystalWave® Soup Mug (37)
CrystalWave® Lunch’n Dish with Cold Cup (38)
Sandwich Keeper Set (37)
Insulated Tumbler with Drip-Less™ Straw Seal (38)
Commuter Mug (38)
Large Sports Bottle (37)
Microwave Luncheon Plates (34)
FridgeSmart® Medium Long (23)
FridgeSmart® Large Round (23)
Tea Infusers (28)
Chef Series™ 8-Pc. Cookware Collection (19)
Heat ’N Serve® 6¼ Cup/1.5 L (8)
Heat ’N Serve® 8¼ Cup/2 L (8)
Ice Prisms™ Small Bowl Set ((30)
Oval Microwave Cooker (8)
Oval Microwave Cooking Rack(8)
Vent ’N Serve™ Divided Dish (7)
CrystalWave® Divided Dish (38)
Dora the Explorer™ Meal & Snack Set (48)
Pick-A-Deli® Round Container (22)
Cereal Storer (43)
Dessert Blend Gift Set (12)
Taste Sensations Set (39)
Tupperware® Teacup, Saucer & Spoon Set ((29)
Tupperware® Sugar & Creamer Set (29)
Fashion Lunch Set - fundraiser item (49)
Personal Salt & Pepper Shaker Set - fundraiser item (49)
Get 'em while they last!
Tupperly, Chris

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Party Never Goes Out Of Style!

For over 60 years, Tupperware Parties have inspired, educated and entertained American families!

What a great time to come H.O.M.E. to Tupperware!

H = Health, O = Organization, M = Making/Saving Money, and E = Environmental Sustainability!

Enjoy! Chris

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Modular Math - How to Customize Your Kitchen

**Reminder** Right now, Modular Mates® are on sale at a 40% discount!

Here's how you can design your own customized cupboards and/or pantry. 

First, you need to know that Modular Mates® come in 4 Shapes and 5 Sizes.  These canisters were engineered to fit virtually ANY cupboard or pantry configuration, even your RV or boat.

Shapes: Oval, Super Oval, Square & Rectangle

Sizes:  Height of a 1, Height of a 2, Height of a 3, Height of a 4, Height of a 5.

Here's a hint.  If you are a "scooper" you'll probably like the square & rectangle containers.  If you're a "pourer" the oval & super oval are well-suited for that.  Or, if you like to pour some things & scoop others, use a combination of the shapes depending on the particular item.

  1. Decide which of the 6 most common storage centers you will install.   The centers are: Baking, Snack, Breakfast, Pasta & Rice, Beverage, and Spice.
  2. Determine which cupboard and shelves you'll be using.  Measure the shelves front-to-back & side-to-side.  Also measure the height between shelves.  This is especially important if they are stationary.
  3. Complete the Custom Kitchen Planning Chart.  (You'll get the opportunity to request planning materials at the end of this post.)

Remember, if the space between your shelves is 9", that is the height of a 4.  You can fill that space with one 4 container, one 3 + one 1 container, two 2 containers or four 1 containers, etc. (See the top/left set in the first photo above, as an example.)  Once you know what you want to store, you simply find the container shape & size that best holds that item and fits your storage space.

Tupperware's Modular Mates® are a unique and functional food storage and organization system.  This system will save you time, waste, space & taste!

Facts: The containers are dishwasher safe, and carry Tupperware's Limited Lifetime Warranty against chipping, cracking, peeling or breaking, under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product.

To recieve your Custom Kitchen Planning Chart by email, CLICK HERE and complete the Contact Form adding "Planning Chart" in the comments section.  If you like my help to design your storage, you can mention that and I'll call you to discuss.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Custom Kitchen

First, I apologize for not posting yesterday!  Sometimes, I just schedule too much for one day, you know?

Tupperware Modular Mates® are on Special for 40% off! 
You can view/purchase them or host an Online Party with your family & friends to earn some free!

Let's talk about why you want to customize, organize, sanitize and modularize your kitchen storage.

I know you're busy with family, work, travel, hobbies and life.  It's quite possible that your full schedule means that your kitchen storage doesn't get the attention it needs.  Disorganization can be frustrating and can lead to feeling overwhelmed and out of control. (Not to mention wasted time, space & money.)

A little organization can make a world of difference!  Do your kids or husband constantly ask "Mom! Where's the cereal, crackers, whatever"?  Are you constantly out of things you need to prepare a meal?  What if you could open your kitchen cabinets or pantry, take a look, and make a shopping list in less than 5 minutes?  Now that's organized! 

Have you ever found 3 packages of opened brown sugar, all hard as a rock?  Worse yet, you're ready to bake and there's no baking powder, ugh!  Or here's my favorite, the cracker box with 2 stale crackers in the bottom!

Now if that's frustrating, how about BUGS!?! 

Did you know that most of the bugs you find in your cupboards and pantry hitch-hiked home from the grocery store?  Think about this: Where does the grocery actually store boxes, bags & bottles before they get to the shelves?  That's right, a warehouse.  And try as they might to keep things clean (they do don't they?),  critters just happen in places like that.  What's more, the glue used in food packaging is usually grain/starch-based, for safety's sake.  Guess who just loves that?  Bugs do, of course.  They eat a little, drag their 6 little shoes through it, and even lay their eggs there!  Do you REALLY want those boxes in your kitchen?  If you do happen to bring home an infested product, if you put it in a Tupperware Modular Mate®, it will contain the pest and keep it from spreading into everything else.

Buying in bulk saves money.  Knowing what you have on hand, saves time.  Modular containers that fit YOUR cupboards, pantry, boat or RV, save space.  THAT's why I love Tupperware Modular Mates®!

C'mon back on Thursday and we'll learn about how to customize the containers to your space,  That's Modular Math!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Time to Get That Pantry Organized?

January is a time of resolutions for many people. If you are one of those, and getting organized is on your list, Tupperware certainly has some wonderful solutions!

Tupperware's Modular Mates® Containers are just the thing to organize your pantry or cupboards. And the best part? They're on sale at $40% off!

If you'd like your cupboards to be "show-off" ready, be able to save space, time and waste, this kitchen "system" by Tupperware is a must-have!

If you're really ready to get your kitchen storage in shape, be sure to visit Today's Organized Kitchen Blog over the next week or so.  I will be teaching you all about the benefits of having an organized, sanitized and modularized kitchen.  It'll be an online Tupperware demo you can attend in the comfort of your own home! You'll learn about how buying and storing in bulk can save $$, the 6 storage centers, Modular Math (how to determine which canisters are best for your kitchen), and I'll even throw in a recipe or two!  When you're ready to start, I'll send some handouts to guide the way.

I hope you'll join me!  If you have a particular storage issue or question, please leave a comment and I'll try to answer as the "demo" proceeds.  I just added a followers gadget in the sidebar. If you become a follower of this blog, you'll know as soon as I post something new, so that's a handy option.

I'll see you Monday for the first installment of this series!

Have a great Tupper day!