Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Traveling Wine Tasting & Snack Set

I had a great time at our Tupperware Organization Sales Meeting/Rally on Monday night!  Lots of fun, training, tips & recipes are always a part of the evening. 

This rally had a Tourist theme, because it is getting closer to vacation time (Yay!) and also because Steff was giving away a cute travel-themed rolling suitcase FULL OF TUPPERWARE!

She asked us all to dress like tourists & to bring a travel idea to share, using Tupperware.  I put on my pedal pushers, flip flops and Hawaiian shirt, and also put together a wine tasting & snack set to keep in the car.  More than once, my husband & I have been on a "drive" and decided on an impromptu picnic.  Nothing worse than having to buy a cheap corkscrew, knife, plastic glasses and paper plates for a little wine & cheese!  Especially when you have all these thing at home. :(

This kit is now safely stowed in the trunk of my car.  We're ready for wine & snacks anytime!