Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We have been composting for several years.  Collecting kitchen scraps is an easy way to fortify that deliciously dark "food" for your soil and your fruits and veggies.  How to manage the scraps, not so much. 

I have seen lots of kitchen scrap bins that sit on the counter, but have been worried about odor & fruit flies/gnats.  Then at Tupperware Jubilee in August, I saw a demo that put those worries to rest.

Imagine it...I had the solution right at my fingertips in a box in my garage!  The Tupperware Access Mates® Large Container is perfect!  It has a tight seal, and a wide opening in the access panel.  It even comes with a a "Veg-Out" vented seal for potatoes, onions, etc., which is how I use them in my pantry.  I guess that's why I never thought of using one as a kitchen scrap bin?  By the way, the container corrals all the papery onion skins and dirt from potatoes, which is very helpful.

I learned that if you crumple a couple of sheets of newspaper and place them in the bottom of the container, it eliminates odors if you don't carry scraps out right away.  It is working perfectly for us! 

The container has a 5-qt. capacity, and is dishwasher safe.  (Just in case you forget it for a couple of days and get a "science experiment" growing inside.)

The container can be purchased on my shopping website <HERE>.  The cost is $35.00 and the seal colors available are Brilliant Blue & Passion (red).  Sorry, green is no longer available.