Monday, May 3, 2010

How Green Are You?

This is the "kit" I used for my Earth Day Driveway Dashes.  I put it in the trunk of my car, drove to a couple of  friend's driveways, and held quick, 30 minute demos on Tupperware's sustainable GREEN products for my girlfriends and their neighbors. 

It was a ton of fun, and gave me the opportunity to do something worthwhile for Earth Day and for my business!

First, I want to share Tupperware's drinking water & hot beverage solutions. 

Did you know that 85% of the PET water bottles purchased NEVER GET RECYCLED! It takes them 1000 years to biodegrade.  Please don't use them!  Tupperware has reusable sports bottles, sipper cups for kids, and insulated tumblers with straw seals.  Drink your own tap water and save money.  Did you know that most of the water in those purchased bottles came from municipal water supplies? 

Then, there is the Styrofoam coffee cup...Styrofoam NEVER DEGRADES!  This stuff remains in our our landfills forever!  The paper cups are a better choice, but even better is a reusable hot beverage mug.

Next, are our microfiber products. 

Super absorbent and durable these are the workhorse of your cleaning arsenal.  No more paper towels needed for clean-ups, washing windows, or dusting.  These towels also dry dishes in a flash! 

The towels on the left side of the container our our Microfiber Chef's Towels.  These are exactly what you need in the kitchen!  They have an ultra-tight weave & larger size.  (These are my favorite.)

The towels on the right are our Microfiber Kitchen Towels. I have stacks of these, and use them for just bout everything.  Not pictured, are the Microfiber Window & Mirror Cleaning Towels.  These you use dry with you favorite cleaning product, for a streak and lint free shine!  Keep reading.  I have a recipe for home-made window & mirror cleaner.

The two sponges in the front of the container combine the convenience of the sponge with a microfiber cover.  The orange sponge has a waffle weave which is great for scrubbing,  The yellow sponge has a very soft weave for gentler cleaning, like on cars or wipe-up on furniture.  You can see the rest of our microfiber in the Spring-Summer 2010 Catalog.

Last, but certainly not least, we have our FridgeSmart® Containers. 

These will save you so much money!  No more tossing fresh fruit or vegetables because they spoiled before you could use them!  I wrote about these previously, and you can read about them HERE.

To purchase any of these products on line, click on the Spring-Summer 2010 Catalog photo in the sidebar.

Home-made Window Cleaner:
In a spray bottle marked "Window/Mirror Cleaner" mix:
8 oz. Tap Water
8 oz. White Vinegar
8 oz. Rubbing Alcohol
This stuff works great! green are you?