Sunday, January 30, 2011

Easy Rainy Weather Recipe

I'm not going to church this morning, my cold is a doozy and I thought it better not to share it.  Besides, not sure Pastor Ed would appreciate my coughing, sneezing and nose-blowing from my usual seat in the front row! *Ü* 

After several days of beautiful spring-like weather, we're having a chilly, rainy day, in my neck of the woods. I know many of you are having far worse! I'm sympathetic to all of you who are crying out "ENOUGH, ALREADY" to Mother Nature. 

I decided today was a good day for a warming meal.  And I've decided to share with you!  This recipe for Mexican Lasagna is really easy and fast.  It is made in the microwave, ready in about 30 minutes, including prep time.  I'm taking the easy route...

I use my Tupperware Vent 'N Serve - Large Shallow container to nuke it, but you could use any similarly shaped 6-cup microwaveable container.  The advantage to the Vent 'N Serve container is the ability to cook, freeze, reheat & serve all in the same container.  (You could even do it in the oven, adjusting the cookware, times & temps accordingly.)  You can view and shop for Tupperware microwave cookware & reheatable containers on my website, HERE.

*Today's Organized Kitchen TIP:  Make two of these and put one in the freezer for a quick meal next week.

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Doodles said...

Sorry you are still feeling bad from your cold, hope it goes away soon. Your recipe sounds terrific think I'll give it a try next week.