Friday, September 6, 2013

I Vote "NO" for bagged lettuce!

I have purchased my share of bagged lettuce, in the past.  Won't be doing that in the future.  I just read an article, yes another one, titled "The Truth About Bagged Lettuce".  (Click on the title to read the article.)  There were some new ideas to consider; such as the water usage to triple-wash, for one. 

As a Tupperware consultant, with a Tupperized kitchen, I not only know better (cost vs. convenience) but I have the tools to do salad right.  I am making a commitment to use the tools I have & "ditch" the bagged lettuce for good.

The convenience of opening a bag of lettuce is pretty enticing.  But I (you) can duplicate it with just a little effort.

  • Buy whole heads of your favorite greens
  • Wash them yourself
  • Spin them dry
  • Tear into bite-sized pcs., or not
  • Store properly for maximum keeping time & freshness
Tupperware has a couple of tools that can help. 

Our salad spinner is terrific.  It is a large capacity, the bowl comes with a seal so that you can actually clean/serve your salad in the same bowl.  The seal makes the bowl great for potato, pasta and layered salads too.  Normally $49.50, it is on sale on my website for just $27.  I don't know for sure how long the sale will last...

Salad Spinner

The second very helpful item is the FridgeSmart Containers.  These will keep your produce fresh longer, I promise!  By controlling airflow & moisture, according to the needs of the particular type of produce, you can keep things at least 3 time longer than if store in plastic in your "slime drawers"!  These are also available as a set or individually on my website.
I will be using that big container (e.) to store my torn lettuce in the future.  I'll still have the advantage of instant salads, and it'll stay fresh longer!

FridgeSmart Containers


Here's to MORE easy & delicious salads for us all!