Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Custom Kitchen

First, I apologize for not posting yesterday!  Sometimes, I just schedule too much for one day, you know?

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Let's talk about why you want to customize, organize, sanitize and modularize your kitchen storage.

I know you're busy with family, work, travel, hobbies and life.  It's quite possible that your full schedule means that your kitchen storage doesn't get the attention it needs.  Disorganization can be frustrating and can lead to feeling overwhelmed and out of control. (Not to mention wasted time, space & money.)

A little organization can make a world of difference!  Do your kids or husband constantly ask "Mom! Where's the cereal, crackers, whatever"?  Are you constantly out of things you need to prepare a meal?  What if you could open your kitchen cabinets or pantry, take a look, and make a shopping list in less than 5 minutes?  Now that's organized! 

Have you ever found 3 packages of opened brown sugar, all hard as a rock?  Worse yet, you're ready to bake and there's no baking powder, ugh!  Or here's my favorite, the cracker box with 2 stale crackers in the bottom!

Now if that's frustrating, how about BUGS!?! 

Did you know that most of the bugs you find in your cupboards and pantry hitch-hiked home from the grocery store?  Think about this: Where does the grocery actually store boxes, bags & bottles before they get to the shelves?  That's right, a warehouse.  And try as they might to keep things clean (they do don't they?),  critters just happen in places like that.  What's more, the glue used in food packaging is usually grain/starch-based, for safety's sake.  Guess who just loves that?  Bugs do, of course.  They eat a little, drag their 6 little shoes through it, and even lay their eggs there!  Do you REALLY want those boxes in your kitchen?  If you do happen to bring home an infested product, if you put it in a Tupperware Modular Mate®, it will contain the pest and keep it from spreading into everything else.

Buying in bulk saves money.  Knowing what you have on hand, saves time.  Modular containers that fit YOUR cupboards, pantry, boat or RV, save space.  THAT's why I love Tupperware Modular Mates®!

C'mon back on Thursday and we'll learn about how to customize the containers to your space,  That's Modular Math!

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