Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An iPad for FREE?

Here's a great opportunity to get your Technology fix for free!  Join my team, and you can earn this Apple iPad by September 24th!  One average party ($450) per week, catalog parties, online parties & fundraisers all count toward your award total!

You can join with either the Executive Business Kit or the Business Kit.  Or, for a limited time, host your own party and take your host credit to purchase the Salsa Party Kit, and you're on your way!

No worries if you don't live near me, our great RazzMaTazz Sales Organization provides training & support via conference calls, webinars and videos.  We can get you off to a great start, anywhere in the U.S.!

If you are interested in learning more, no obligation of course, please use the email me link in the sidebar to give me your contact info, and I'll call you right back!

Cheers!  Chris

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