Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Organizing Your Kitchen - Part 1

Today, I am beginning a series on organizing your kitchen. I’ll be focusing on 4 specific areas, using Tupperware’s 4 basic systems:

1. FridgeSmart® Containers – A system to keep produce fresh longer
2. Modular Mates® Containers – Virtually air-tight, modular pantry storage
3. Microwave Cookware & Reheatable Containers
4. TupperLiving™ Products – Lifestyle enhancers & sustainable/reusable products to replace toss away items

Why organize your refrigerator?
1. Energy savings – your refrigerator & your freezer both perform more efficiently when full.
2. No UFOs (unidentified food objects, AKA science projects)
3. Less waste – if it’s easily accessed, it’ll get used.
4. Save $$ - did you know that the average family discards approximately $600 of spoiled fruits & vegetables a year?

Still not convinced?

An organized home contributes to a sense of calm & well-being! In the case of the kitchen, where we spend a fair amount of time, it can make meal planning & preparation so much easier!

Tupperware’s FridgeSmart® Containers have an innovative venting system that allows produce to breathe, keeping them fresh longer. Each container has two buttons that can be opened/closed to customize the airflow in the container.

For example:
Low (both vents closed) – Asparagus, carrots, ripe berries
Medium (one vent open) – Beans, cabbage, lettuce
High (both vents open) – Broccoli, peas, sweet corn

The containers have a ridged bottom that allows any condensation or moisture to collect in the bottom of the container while holding the produce above the liquid. When fruit & vegetables sit in collected moisture, they spoil faster. The tops of the containers are textured so that they don’t slip when stacked on top of one another. And unlike the plastic bags being sold for the same process, they aren't toss aways. If the container fails, it gets returned & recycled. I have had mine for 4+ years.

The chart for setting the vents by produce type is integrated into the side of the container, so it’s always handy. The containers are sheer enough to see what is inside.

Because these containers are virtually airtight with both vents closed, I also use then for storing lunchmeats and cheese.

Here’s a photo of the inside of my refrigerator. As you can see, the modular design of the containers allows me to fit a ton of stuff in my side by side.

Another way you can save/organize space is to put all the jars, and small containers in your “slime” drawers. I mark the top of some jars that aren’t easily recognizable with a Sharpie.

I have kept broccoli for 6 weeks, even fresh strawberries for 5 days before they started getting mushy! These FridgeSmart® Containers will save you money and help you to eat healthier meals, full of great, fresh produce.

You can shop for them now by clicking either the catalog or the “Shop Now” icon in the right sidebar.

Next, I’ll be telling you all about Tupperware’s Modular Mates® Containers. How cool would it be to have your pantry staples stored in airtight (bug-proof) containers, and organized into 6 “centers”?

-Pasta & Rice

Tupperly, Chris

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Wow, your fridge looks great! I love the look of an organized fridge.