Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Tupperware! Giveaway!

This month, Tupperware is 63 years young!

In 1946, Earl Tupper introduced Tupperware’s first 2 consumer products, the Wonderlier Bowl® & The Bell Tumbler. Both of those products are still being sold in the current Summer Catalog. What a testament to great design!

You can click HERE to read more about our Tupperware Heritage.

I am proud to have been raised in a Tupperware home. My mom was a consultant for many years! I was surprised the first time I ate at a friend’s home and there was NO Tupperware in the kitchen!

Now I have the privilege to be a consultant myself. To own my own business, to coach others on the Tupperware Systems & Solutions, and to have fun doing it…what’s not to love?? Just imagine the “aha” look on the faces of party guests when you pull a perfectly baked cake right out of the microwave, in 12 minutes! Priceless…

From pantry & refrigerator/freezer organization, to microwave cooking/reheating, to serving & saving, to sustainable products that replace toss-away water bottles, plastic bags & Styrofoam containers, EVERYONE needs Tupperware!!

In honor of Tupperware’s 63rd Birthday, I am giving away some Birthday gifts to you, my readers! (Please note: I will ship internationally for this giveaway!)

Remember those first Tupperware products? You can win a piece of history!

Two lucky readers will each win a 5-pc. set of Wonderlier Bowls & Small Hourglass Salt & Pepper Shakers.

Two more readers will each win a Set of Bell Tumblers, with Sipper Seals, if you’d like them.

Here’s all you need to do:

Go to My Organized Kitchen website and sign up for my Monthly Newsletter & Email updates.*
It’s as simple as that! On Monday, June 1st, I’ll draw 4 names, each to receive one of the gifts.
Good Luck! Chris
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Jessie said...

Ooh Im just loving my groovy orange travel cup!! I am signing up for your newletter now. :D What a way to celebrate!! :)
Jessie-CRsHelpmeet @MJFarm

queenoftheclick said...

I signed up~

I grew up in a Tupperware home as well and often wonder why no one sells it anymore. Tupperware covers stayed sealed unlike some of the bowls that I have purchased from Target. They also didn't seem to stain from pasta sauce like bowls do today.

Amy said...

I love the Retro Tupperware. I signed up for your newsletter. thanks for the great giveaway!

Princess Of Pink said...

I would love to enter but can't find WHERE to sign up :)
Can you please help me??

Hugs from the Netherlands