Thursday, November 29, 2007

One of Those Must-Have Kitchen Items!

The Pick-A-Deli® Round Container is undoubtedly one of my favorite pieces of Tupperware! It is one of those kitchen helpers that I use constantly!

We eat a lot of pickles around here. Not just pickle pickles, but pickled vegetables of all kinds. You’ve got to have pickled green beans or asparagus for Bloody Marys. And then there is the occasional jar of “Frog Balls”, (actually small pickled Brussels sprouts – the makers name, not mine)! We all love to eat kosher dills, olives, and beets. I like to keep Italian-style pickled vegetables (Giardiniera) around for a quick, low-carb snack.

This wonderful container has some features that I love!

First, it is a good size. It will hold a whole jar of Claussen pickle halves, spears or chips and Giardiniera. It will also hold two 14 oz. cans of pickled beets. It is great for a jar of sauerkraut.

Second, it has a fork that stays in the container to spear the food & keep your fingers out of the juice.

Third, the insert can be lifted and turned to rest on a “shelf” inside so that the food is easier to spear, like those pesky olives you have to chase all over container. It also allows the items to drain, which is handy in the case of pickled beets that are destined for your salad or kraut for your hot dog! A hint here: When the beets are gone, put a few peeled hardboiled eggs into the remaining juice. After a day or too…Yum!

Lastly, the container is stable and the seal has a little ring that makes it easy to stack one on top of the other. They just look nicer than all those different glass jars, too!

I have four of these, and there are always at least 2 in the refrigerator. I could probably use a few more…

You can get a few for yourself or the pickle-lovers in your family by visiting my website:

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