Monday, December 14, 2009

Spectaular Savings - December 11 - 15

Here are a couple of must-haves for the kitchen! Who couldn't use an 8-cup measuring pitcher with a seal? Now you can save that leftover pancake batter for the next morning, or mix up a cake or muffins.

The Cold Cut Keeper has a bunch of kitchen uses. It stores cold cuts (of course), bacon, cheese, and all kinds of baked goods. I even have a friend who uses them like canisters on her houseboat. The shape & size stack perfectly in her cupboards, so they don't rattle or move around.

At a 50% savings you should grab a couple of each!

Don't forget, this offer is only available through me. So email your contact info to me at and I'll call you to complete your order!

Happy Holiday Shopping! Chris

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