Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 Bowls for $68??

This is a great sale!

Tupperware's wonderful Servalier 5-pc. bowl set is "Buy 1 Set, Get 1 Set FREE"! Each set includes a 3-cup, 4-cup, 8-cup, 11-cup & 17-cup bowl.

That is a savings of 50%. You could even share it with your mom, sister or best friend and you'd each be paying only $34!

These bowls would make a great gift, too!

Here's a special giveaway:

Every person that orders a set of these bowls through my website, will be entered to win the attendance special which is the Buy 1, Get 1 Free 2-pc. set of Servalier 10 oz. bowls (total of 4)! I will see your order, so no comment is necessary, though they are always welcome!

Enjoy! Chris

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