Sunday, June 14, 2009

Time to Get Organized?

Tupperware's new Mid-June to Mid-July Sale Flyer has just been released. It is full of terrific bargains that compliment our H.O.M.E. message. You can click on the cover photo of the "Chill Out!" flyer in the sidebar to view the entire flyer contents.

Today, I'd like to focus on some kitchen organization products. These are must-haves, and all are available in this flyer at a 50% savings!

First, is our Pour & Store Set. The set contains two Modular Mates® Round 4 containers with two Drip-Less seals and two FlatOut!® Funnels. The containers with Drip-Less seals are perfect for olive or other cooking oils beside the stove, oil & vinegar for dressings and pancake syrup. They also a wonderful cocktail shakers! The FlatOut!® funnels are just the thing for transferring liquids into the pourable containers and collapse for flat storage in any drawer. This set is a $39 value priced at $19.50!
These items are NOT available in the full-line catalog.

Next, we have the Modular Mates® Square Set. which includes one each of the Square 2 (11 cups), Square 3 (17 cups) & Square 4 (23 cups) containers. The modular, stackable containers save space in your pantry & cupboards and the airtight seals keep bulk items like flour, sugar and grains fresh & bug-free! This is a $52.50 value for only $26!

Last item for today is the ever popular and often requested Super Cereal Storer! This container has a 20-cup capacity and handles those big boxes and money-saving bulk bags of cereal. The kids will never know it's not their favorite brand (wink), and the last serving will be as fresh as the first! This is a $19 value for half-price - only $9.50!
This item is NOT available in the full-line catalog.

I hope you'll take advantage of these great organizational and money-saving kitchen tools! As always, if you have any of these items and would like to share a testimonial, please leave a comment!
Enjoy! Chris

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