Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Investment" Cooking

What is "Investment" Cooking?
  • Enjoy a freezer full of nutritiously prepared homemade meals
  • Enjoy great savings by buying in bulk and cutting WAY BACK on take-out
  • Cut your grocery bill in half (and more!)
  • Save time

Do I have your attention now?

There are three steps to Investment Cooking.

  1. Choose a time to prepare meals ahead. Have the groceries on hand, the recipes set out.
  2. Collect grocery sale flyers and coupons during the month. Price watch! Bulk buy whatever is on sale that you can use in your PLANNED meals. Choose recipes based on what the best buys are and what your family enjoys (no use saving (?) money on a dish no one will eat).
  3. After cooking, pack it all in the freezer. You'll need to keep an organized freezer - remember FIFO.

Does this sound interesting? Want to learn how?

Would you like to attend a free upcoming Webinar all about Investment Cooking? (date & time will be determined by interest)

If the answer is yes, please leave a comment with your email address or email it to me at I will send you all the details regarding the date & time as well as instructions for attending the webinar. There will be how-to photos, recipes and much more! I'll even be drawing a name for a Tupperware prize from webinar particpants! I hope you'll join me for this fun & informative session!

Tupperly, Chris

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